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Tuesday, 27 November, 2018

The markets today are booming with wide variety of cosmetics especially for skin and hair. But do you know the daily groceries we use in food are also natural cosmetics?

Let’s explore how they can help you get natural look!


1. Turmeric
As food:
Did you ever think of the reason why moms add a pinch of turmeric to curries? It is because of its natural property of adding colour to food. Also, having great medicinal qualities, it provides resistance to fight age-related chronic diseases.

As a cosmetic product:
Every girl wishes for the glowing skin that she sees in every TV commercial. If you are also one among them, then it is time for a turmeric face mask which restores your skin's natural glow and gives you a pimple free face.

2. Green gram
As food:
Have you ever tasted mung bean dosa? It is made with the green gram dal which is one among healthy food, tastes best with Upma. It helps fight obesity and control cholesterol.

As a cosmetic product:
Are your wondering how is this useful to skin? Green gram powder is known to be used as a skin mask even for newborns as it lightens skin and helps reduce facial hair.

3. Butter
As food:
Are you a butter lover? It not only enhances the taste of dishes but also helps in boosting calcium metabolism thanks to its richness in vitamin K2.

As a cosmetic product:
It was winter and people are worried about lips darkening. Use Butter to lubricate your lips, butter is a natural lip balm.

Hair related:
1. Fenugreek
As food:
Did you anytime notice fenugreek in your food? But we all know it is used in cooking. It is given such importance as it helps maintain body heat and calms an upset stomach when drank with buttermilk.

As a cosmetic product:
Why go for a conditioner with chemicals when you have a natural one at home? A fenugreek hair mask gives your hair a beautiful glossy look and prevents premature greying.

2. Lemon
As food:
What is the drink you think of while planning your kid's birthday party? It is lemonade for 90s parents. Lemon juice usually known as a refreshing drink adds to your health when drank hot. It prevents toothaches and helps maintain the pH balance of your body.

As a cosmetic product:
Nothing makes a girl happy more than a thick and long hair. Do you agree? Massaging with coconut or olive oil mixed with lemon juice would reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

3. Onion:
As food:
Are you also one who asks "aur pyaaz dho" at pani puri stalls? Onion also has its own benefits. It improves cell health and purifies your blood.

As a cosmetic product:
Is dandruff bothering you? If so onion paste is what you should think of. Onion having antibacterial nature keeps your scalp healthy and helps control dandruff.

Aren't these cheaper than regular cosmetics!

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