Two Interesting Features of Mapprr you’ll Fall in Love with!

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Saturday, 29 December, 2018

Feature 1: 60 Minutes Local Delivery

Did your mom ask you to get household supplies?
And you don't want to miss your favorite Cricket Match?
Don't worry. We can take care!

We value your time, energy, money, and even your priorities.
We are humans and it is ok to be lazy sometimes!

Often times when we land in a new city we are not sure of product availability and from where to purchase. Even if you manage to know the exact store, there is a possibility that the product you need is not available in that store when you need. This may force you to go in search of other stores again. How about on a heavy traffic day? cold weather? Or anything which is holding you back?

With Mapprr, never postpone or miss buying anything you need. Mapprr, an online shopping app lets you shop your essentials watching Cricket Match and delivers your items right to your doorstep.

Never heard about Mapprr?

Well, Mapprr is a Product Discovery and Local Delivery App where you can order products online and get them delivered to you in just 60 minutes. Mapprr is a shopping app which has a wide range of categories like Groceries, Medicines, Cosmetics, Baby Products, Electronics, Stationery, Pet Care, Health Supplements and many more to shop.

This way you can be slothful and productive at the same time managing your responsibilities and fun fruitfully.

Feature 2: Live availability

Have you ever wished for knowing the availability of a specific product in a store staying at home which saves your energy and time?
Mapprr can make this happen for you.
What’s the point in reaching an empty destination?

I still remember my childhood days when I went running to buy my favorite ice cream but always the shopkeeper used to fail me not having the flavor I need. All the expectations and happiness didn’t use to last long.
Did you ever return home empty-handed for any product you need but never found it? Avoid all such depressing experiences when Mapprr can help you with the Live Availability of a product from your nearby stores before even stepping into them.

No worries! If your desired product is out of stock in one store, we bring you plan B and it’s wonderfully personalized for you. Use Mapprr to locate other stores near you and check the product's availability.

Hearing a no is very painful that too after taking all the efforts to reach the store. Mapprr always strives to make your day better and happier by prioritizing your comfort on the top of our to-do list.

Install Mapprr app now. Available from Android & iOS!

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