The New Age of ‘Swiping’ Life

Tuesday, 19 March, 2019

I was already feeling like a rubber band hearing my boss say “ You can stretch some more time and pull off the work.” By the time I logged off my system, the very thought of grocery shopping made me feel even more exhausted after a day’s hectic schedule at work. Weekend had begun and that was the only sense of relief that I had. As I drove back home, I imagined my husband lazily sitting on the couch and watching his favourite web series.

However, when I knocked the door, my husband opened it and blindfolded me. The next sight was surprisingly so impressive that I stood there amused. My husband had cooked a delicious dinner for two of us and beautifully decorated the dining hall with roses and candles. When I asked him how did he do it in such a less time, he told me that not only did he cook food, he also got the week’s groceries by ordering it on MAPPRR. This made me fall in love with him yet again.

MAPPRR- India’s Only Product Discovery and Local Delivery App has filled our lives with lot of love and joy. I was wondering how technology has transformed the way we think, feel and even live. Though there’s criticism, but the positives have always outreached the negatives. That day I started reminiscing the past about how I met my husband through another interesting online app called Tinder.

Two years ago, I was trying to get over a breakup during my graduation. My friends tried their best possible to hook me up with almost every good looking guy of the college. I was dumped by my ex and honestly believed that true love only existed in cheesy bollywood love stories, far fetched from reality. I never really believed in casual dating but thought of giving it a try as my friends kept convincing me. I thought that the swipe lefts and swipe rights was fun until suddenly my ex popped up as one of the suggestion intimidating me, and I pleaded to God “Save me from this Horror”.

I kept telling myself that the silver lining about a bad date is that it can give you a good laugh remembering the awkward moments that you had to spend with an unknown person whom you met just for fun.

18th July was the day when I was swiping through the app and I genuinely liked a profile and swiped right. Within a couple of minutes, the person responded and I was startled to see that was a match. I decided to meet this guy the same evening after chatting with him for a while.

Starting from the outfit selection to the conscious thoughts of whether that piece of spinach I didn’t know, was still sticking to my teeth, I kept fidgeting out of nervousness and anxiety. Though it was the first casual date of my life, I met my Mr Right on the very same day.

It is said “Matches are made in heaven and the dating app was the Cupid in disguise which helped me find my life partner. Online dating is the new age thing which is getting insanely popular. Now you can get connected to people around you with similar tastes and preferences. Flipping through a person’s profile helps you get some idea of that person.

Starting from finding your life partner to shopping groceries online, everything is just done by the swipe of a finger. So if you wish to take your partner back in time to those olden golden dating days, do something out of the box to surprise him/her. Why not cook his/her favourite cuisine all by yourself and make him/her fall in love with you once again.

MAPPRR all your groceries online while you decide what to cook for the perfect dinner date at your Home sweet home itself!

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