The Jewel of India- Tea!

Monday, 11 February, 2019

"Chai" one word that instantly connects with almost everyone no matter what the discussion is! In many parts of India chai is an ‘Emotion.’ Are you a chai lover? If yes, I am sure you would have given me a long list if asked: "When do you prefer drinking tea?".

A typical Indian starts his/ her day with a cup of hot tea. It is the first thing we offer if guests arrive. And even evening snacks are never complete without chai at home. However, we can taste the best chai at tea points which is usually the meeting point where the much important chit-chat with friends happen. Let it be late night studies or work pressure, tea is what we prefer to uplift the spirits.

Here are some popular flavours of tea you can try across India.

Masala Chai:
Masala tea also known as spiced tea is the most famous one. It additionally contains Indian spices like cardamom, elaichi, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves. There is no definite recipe for masala tea. We can include or exclude any of the spices as per the practise/ customs. A masala tea is a joyous ride of spices hitting your taste buds with concentrated flavour.

Irani Chai:
There will be no Hyderabadi who doesn't know Irani Chai. Apart from the bangles, the streets of the old city & Charminar are famous for Irani cafes, people driving luxury and sports cars like Lambo’s, Merc’s n more stop by to have a sip marking the significance of the taste. It is prepared by adding mawa or khoya to milk and decoction, brewing one of the most aromatic chai’s of India.

Ginger Chai:
Ginger tea generally called as the Adrak vali chai is most used in winters to get rid of cold and cough. This kind is made by adding grated ginger to the brewing tea. Its anti inflammatory properties help instant muscle and joint pains go away!

Black Tea:
Black tea is the most oxidised and stronger than the other teas due to more caffeine content. It can be taken plain or milk can be added and is the most preferred as the breakfast tea. It’s natural antioxidants help the body to keep cancers and other diseases away from the body by building a strong immune system.

Green Tea:
Green tea is the everyones drink to lose weight. It tops among the herbal teas for its numerous benefits and is the least oxidised one. Green tea perhaps proved that it’s the natural choice of people who are trying to fight obesity, type 2 diabetics and also helps in long run. People who drink green tea has lower chances of being affected by alzheimers and parkinsons.

Lemon Tea:
Lemon tea as its name suggests has lemon as one of the main ingredient. Like the normal teas, it doesn't contain milk and is prepared by boiling tea leaves in water along with a tiny amount of sugar. Being rich in Vitamin C, lemon tea helps the body to maintain the right pH Balance and cleans the toxins from the liver.

If you are fond of any one among these, also try the other and let us know in the comment box below what you love the most and why? Who knows, it may become your new love.

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