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Beauty secrets
Monday, 11 March, 2019

Last month my granny came over to my place just a day before my 25th birthday. I reached out to my phone to book an appointment with my beauty consultant as I badly needed a grooming session. My granny jokingly said that when she was young, she never had to visit a beauty parlor and grandpa fell for her without her even having to spend a penny on beauty treatments.

This made me think of the tremendous change that has taken place over the years revolutionising the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. Years ago there were no parlours specifically designated to beauty treatments. Natural remedies and natural treatments used to be the best way to solve beauty related issues. My mother always advised my elder sister to apply turmeric and milk on her skin every weekend. Even for healthier hair, she advised us to to wash our hair with neem leaves at least once in fifteen days.

India is blessed with lush green forests, plantations, and has always been a land of culture and traditions.Talking about traditional methods, Ayurveda has been the most prominent one stop solution for all kinds of beauty and health treatments. It embodies the compassionate and all inclusive qualities of Mother Nature spreading the message of balanced, peaceful and healthier lifestyle.

However, today the environmental pollution has increased rapidly and there has been a substantial technological advancement. There has been an increased number of skin and beauty related issues that have popped up. Many lifestyle diseases have led to various health problems and fading beauty. These include early whitening of hair, early aging, skin problems, gastric problems, skin tanning, acne, etc.

Now we have various brands that have come up with numerous beauty solutions for every possible beauty problem that this generation is facing today. Now is the era of celebrity endorsements that helps to position the products in the market and helps to convince the customers to buy a particular brand. Nowadays, celebrities are not just promoting brands as spokesperson but they have become lifestyle brands themselves.

Customers are very conscious of the ingredients that are being used to make the beauty products. The trend shows that maximum people opt for organic beauty solutions. Brands are becoming very conscious to increase the natural extracts in their products and reducing the chemicals to the minimum limits as possible. Many number of beauty consultancies are mushrooming to cater beauty solutions for both men and women.

Also experts advice that there should be a balance between the physical exercise that a person does and the amount of food that is being consumed. For overall well being, it is advisable to spend at least thirty minutes every day working out.

Beauty is a power and it comes from within. Makeup and beauty treatments are enhancing agents to make you look even more confident and be the best version of yourself. It is good to experiment different looks and try different styles. But the most important enhancer is “Your Smile” without which every effort goes in vain.

It is important to have some “Me Time” and pamper yourself sitting at home. Gone are the days when you had to go around to search for beauty products of your favourite brand in various stores around you. MAPPRR has come up with the solution to bring your beauty kit at your doorstep and saving you from all the pollution and heat outside this summer.

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