Success-Mantra For Online-Shopping Apps

3rd mar
Saturday, 2 March, 2019

“Online shopping” has been one of the massive revolutions in the E-commerce industry that has transformed the way people shop. It has brought a slow but consistent change in the people’s perception about shopping. With the advent of the digital era, it is very difficult for the people to stay unaffected by the seismic technological advancements. Netmarket in 1994 was the first to make a secure retail transaction over the internet. After that many online shopping websites came into existence and were quickly adopted by the people for their obvious core advantages and convenience.


RECENT SHOPPING TRENDS IN INDIA India has successfully joined the bandwagon of a victorious E-commerce business hubs amongst the rest of the developed countries in the globe. The skyrocketing number of internet users and the easy access to smartphones have acted as a catalyst in this changed pattern of shopping. India has almost 137 million internet users. Change is the only constant and consumer behaviour is changing constantly. There are certain factors that drive the consumer behaviour when it comes to the E-commerce sector like easy access to internet, increased standard of living, busier lifestyle, growing young population, access to social networking sites, lucrative offers by various players like Cash on Delivery (COD), Discounts on products, easy return policies etc.

For an online site to succeed, it is necessary to analyse customers needs, interests, attitude, past purchase pattern, emotional aspects, beliefs and values that might help in gaining their trust in the business and encourage them to shop online. Ensuring customer’s trust is very essential because though online shopping is very convenient, there are some factors pertaining to offline shopping such as guaranteed quality, returning back unsatisfactory products immediately, fewer chances of losing money and getting the products instantly after payment which motivates people to choose the traditional ways of shopping. Therefore, this case study would be helpful to build a website that improves the online shopping experience of customers by providing them with better benefits than the conventional shopping.

  1. User Profile- It is of prime importance to ensure that the company’s value proposition matches with the target audience. To cater to what is being asked for it is important to understand the user demographics like age, gender, qualifications, educational background, marital status etc.
  2. Never Over Promise- Actions speak louder than words. Customer should never be kept in dark and commitment should align with the competences that is being possessed by the company.
  3. Keep It Simple- The website and the user interface or Application should be made very user friendly, compatible and easy to be used by the mass. The more it is complicated, the more it is unliked by people.
  4. Use Proper Branding Channels- If the company is a newbie and competing with major players, it becomes important that there is proper communication made to the intended audience about “Who You Are?” and “What You Do?”. Initially infancy stage of the business must focus more on creating a buzz and awareness amongst people.
  5. Include Wider Options- There should be many options related to payments,discounts, products, return policies, cash backs. This makes the offerings more attractive and creates interest in people’s mind.

Let us first know the people who are getting benefited from online shopping. Both the retailers and the customers find e-commerce beneficial.


From the retailer’s perspective:
  • Business became easier and faster.
  • Selling online increases their reach to customers.
  • Can sell products or services without any geographical limits.
  • Can get real-time data and analyse the products and customers like demographics, interests or the kind of products to be sold in a particular time.
  • Helpful metrics to adopt changes in the website that meet customers' needs. For instance, products added to the cart versus the average purchase can be known.

From the Customer’s perspective
  • Can shop at any time from anywhere.
  • No queues to wait and can shop in minutes.
  • Prevents traffic, pollution, crowd and parking problems.
  • Useful for people with busy schedules and aged people.
  • Can buy products of several brands from companies across the globe.

Factors which draw shoppers towards E-Commerce are plenty. The first thing that matters the most is the trust, a very crucial one for newbies. A convenient return policy, well-explained privacy policy, secured transactions, legal framework and customer reviews gain most of the customer’s trust. Sometimes 'Cash on Delivery (COD)' also helps the organisation to build trust and raise its sales initially.

The next is the delivery speed. Faster you deliver, more is your sales. Because quick deliveries meet customer’s emergencies and need precisely.

Easily reachable customer support also plays a crucial role in gaining customers. Unlike conventional stores, there would not be any assistants to guide you or solve your issue while you shop online. Therefore, the best way to fill this gap is providing a user-friendly customers service.

Device Convenience is also a factor that contributes. It is a well-known fact that Mobile commerce hit $700 billion in revenue in 2017, which is more than 300% growth over the past four years. So, the website you developed should be mobile compatible as well because most of the people always carry a phone wherever they go and hence prefer shopping through mobile apps.

Last but not least is the optimal marketing. This will act as a primary factor because you should first let people know that you exist, then how you complete their need and then why they should choose you.

Finally, as we know "Word of Mouth" is most powerful, it is very important to respond as soon as possible to an unsatisfied customer. Because if a customer is disappointed with a product or service, 55% of online customers tell their family and friends".

Though online shopping is greatly serving people, a small gap is still left to be filled. For people who are new to the city or who feels getting products is difficult, Mapprr developed a platform to find and buy their daily requirements with ease. Mapprr is a hyperlocal product discovery and delivery application.

Keeping all the above factors in mind, Mapprr came up with a user-friendly application. It is the India’s Only Product Discovery and Local Delivery app which lets you shop online from offline stores. It is changing the way people search, find and shop for products. It has partnered with more than 200 Retailers and around 1,00,000 stores across India.

You can purchase products on Mapprr with just a few clicks and get them delivered to you in just 60 minutes or in a FLASH. Also with an option to pay by cash at the time of delivery, it makes MAPPRR shopping similarly advantageous as the conventional. It has well-designed policies and reliable customer support. Check them out at website. And more importantly, its return policy states that you can return the damaged products on spot by contacting the customer care. You can get its mobile version from Play Store and App Store.

Now that you know how Mapprr extended its arms in the E-Commerce industry, what is it you are waiting for? Order with Mapprr and get an amazing shopping experience.