Rice v/s Wheat! What Suits your Diet?

Rice vs wheat 2
Tuesday, 5 February, 2019

In recent time people are opting rotis in their meal over rice for several reasons. Have you seen this trend this? Well, people are eating rotis since long time but number of people started sticking to the roti have gone up exponentially.

Majority of people shift from rice to rotis to fight the most known chronic diseases diabetics and obesity. Though atta (wheat flour) is known to have more nutrients than rice as the number of carbohydrates content is more in rice grains. This is the main reason for the shift in food habits, as plenty of carbs are believed to be the cause for numerous health issues.

But carbohydrates are the body's primary energy source and not all of them are harmful. Complex carbs such as those in oats, starched vegetables and whole grains are good for health. Whereas simple carbs such as those in fruits, milk products, processed and refined products cause devastating effects to the body.

As refined carbs are low in fibre and digest quickly, eating refined carbs cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels contributing to overeating.

This is because high glycemic index foods promote short-term fullness of stomach, lasting about one hour. After that blood sugar levels drop promoting hunger and stimulate the brain to crave for more food. Moreover, these carbs may cause inflammation in the body most specifically belly fat.

Studies say that high consumption of these carbs affects insulin resistance and high blood sugar levels leading to Type 2 Diabetics, And people with this type of diabetics are more prone to heart diseases.

Also, anything eaten excessively is always not good for proper health. Knowing the fact, polished rice loses most of the nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals, left with only carbs which causes weight gain, heart diseases and type 2 diabetics on excessive intake.

But there are also factors you should consider which make you choose rice over atta.

You might have got used to rice for many years and find it difficult to adopt a roti meal or you might want to avoid more sodium and potassium content present in atta.

In that case, brown rice (unpolished rice) would be advantageous. It is less polished and only has the hull removed leaving back the nutrients.

One cup of brown rice contains 216 calories and:
The whole grain also has good amounts of folate, riboflavin (B2), potassium and calcium. And good quantities of fibre helps you feel full for a longer duration, hence they help you lose weight. Furthermore, it is packed with fibre, lignans and magnesium, which prevents the risk of heart diseases. Having a lower glycemic index than white rice, it gets digested slowly and results in prevention of diabetics.

Also, for people with indigestion problems, rice is the best choice than atta as it easy to digest due to low fibre content than in wheat flour.

Therefore, it is not necessary for everyone to stick to one. Based on how your body reacts to various kinds of foods, it is advisable to choose rice or atta.

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