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Friday, 5 January, 2018

Both of these are used for Removing Body Odour. Then why the debate. Read on to find out more. 

Perfumes or Deodorants? This debate has been going on for quite some time now. Both of them are used to remove malodorous scents from our body to some degree or the other. But which of the above is better is a question Mapprr provides its take on. No matter what your choice, you can find the location of a convenience store near you selling either, sitting in your home by using our app or website. 

Perfume: The Fragrance of Class
Perfumes are used to shroud our body in a mist of pleasant smell. They are highly concentrated solutions of fragrant oils and alcohol and are purely liquid. They are to be strictly applied to clothes only, as the concentration of alcohol present on the same is quite high and is harmful to the skin in such high doses. They are usually quite expensive, but provide smell to the entire body, masking any other odour one might emanate. Perfect for when you are prepping for parties and gatherings, a small amount of subtle perfume goes a long way in enhancing your persona.

Deodorants: For the Spunky 
Deodorants are aerosol based perfuming agents which are safe to be used on our skin without causing harm to it. Deodorants contain low concentrations of alcohol and these days, alcohol-free deodorants are available in plenty, in markets. Deodorants are great for another reason as well. They contain special chemicals, which also help in absorption of sweat and grime, preventing them from accumulating in our skins and causing further body odour. They also mask body odour from sweaty areas like the armpits quite effectively and can be used for everyday use quite effectively. Deodorants receive brownie points for being quite inexpensive.

Final Verdict
Deodorants are perfect for everyday use. Just apply some of your underarms and stay fresh all day, without worrying about body odour. However, Mapprr recommends you to have a bottle of perfume around for truly special occasions when you want to create a lasting impression.     

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