MEOW OR WOOFF? Which One should you Adopt?

Dog or cat
Tuesday, 7 May, 2019

A big shout out to all the pet lovers out there! Loving a pet is a full time job and you need to be completely passionate about it. If you are a first time owner, the choice between owning a cat or a dog might be a pretty difficult one. Though everyone has his/her own preferences, sometimes choosing between the two is a crucial decision since they become a part of the family.

Adopting a pet should not be done in a whim. Bringing a living, breathing animal into your home is a big decision which must be collectively taken by the entire family and everyone must be ready to share the added responsibility that comes along with it. Let's look at what characteristic traits are specific to these two adorable creatures.

These canine buddies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colour and breed but one thing which is constant is the loyalty and love that they have for the humans. For most of the pet lovers, bringing home a companion is an incredible moment for a lifetime.

A dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are incredibly loyal and attached to the owners. They will be as excited to see you after a long day at work as a small kid would to see his/her mother/father.

The best thing about dogs is that they are incredibly intelligent. You can train them accordingly to obey instructions and commands. They also do all sorts of fun tricks.

But you also need to understand that dogs are very high maintenance animals. Dogs stick to a particular schedule and deviation from the regular schedule can make them irritated. If they like to go out at a particular time and get habituated to it, you better make sure that you are able to make time for it.

Now speaking of the mess, have you ever seen a dog wipe his feet after coming inside from the rain?So again, you need to be very careful and always clean your furry friend with a towel so that he doesn’t create a muddy mess in the house.

Also, dogs require a lot of attention. They are emotionally intelligent, but sometimes they also need some love and care and might feel lonely if they are not being taken care of. If you are planning to adopt a dog, be ready to babysit a toddler for twelve to fifteen years.

Cats always are second in terms of popularity. However many people prefer them over dogs. Cats have lesser maintenance cost as compared to their canine counterparts. Cats come with similar pros and cons. They are relatively lazy and until they have food, shelter and a place to do their stuff, they can be left alone.

Well nurtured cats can be very adorable and playful. Even if their claws come out during play,they don’t attack unless threatened. Though cats are very friendly, if they are threatened they can be dangerously aggressive and attack you on the spot.

Also one of the most unavoidable things is that cats shed their fur everywhere they go leaving a mark everywhere.

Cats are mostly for those who cannot devote much time to dogs but still need a friendly, calm individualistic pal for company. Just remember this, if you bring a cat home, the home belongs to them.

Be it a cat or a dog, they must be groomed very well. You need to groom them regularly and pamper them properly.To order their pet food and other pet supplies, use the MAPPRR app which delivers every pet supply.

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