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Wednesday, 24 April, 2019

Retail industry has seen phases of transformation over the years. Recent drift is towards the hyperlocal shopping where the local markets are enrolled on a platform and users can order from a particular store. Keeping in pace with the fast transforming lives, the needs and desires of the consumers are significantly changing. Various players are now adopting to the hyper local delivery concept. Hyperlocal is a business platform which enables the local offline businesses to reach their targeted customers ensuring product delivery in a very short span of time. The desired product is picked up from the offline store of the customer’s choice and delivered to the doorstep.

Shopping for essentials has always been a tedious task for most people. While most of the people like to enjoy leisurely at home and order essentials online, there are a certain pain points associated with the E-commerce model. The following are some of them:

  1. Product Quality- The quality of product which is being sold to customers online is a matter of grave concern since what is being presented in the pictures is sometimes completely different from what is delivered. With the competition growing in the E-commerce industry, many websites act as a marketplace for businesses to sell their products and the issue of fraudulent selling is increasing.
  2. Logistics Issue- Delivery and logistics is a major issue faced in online shopping. The instances of lost packages or damaged products is very common causing a lot of inconvenience to the customers.Tracking the products is very difficult on the system since locating the product accurately is very difficult.
  3. Delivery Time- Generally E-commerce players deliver only in a certain number of days. If a customer has an immediate need, then it is not being met by the E-commerce service. Recently, there is an introduction of a dedicated segment of premium customer accounts who need to pay an extra amount to avail a certain kind of customized service. Often customers complain that the delivery boy does not call before arriving. Also after a wait of a couple of days, if the wrong product is delivered then again returning the product is a huge task.
  4. Unclear Website Policies- Nowadays most of the players lure the customers by offering lucrative offers on various products and attract them to buy from them. Lack of clear website policies, terms and conditions also is a very big disappointment which again points to the lack of security and transparency of the E-commerce players.
  5. Non-User Friendly Return Policies- Most E-commerce sites do not provide the service of instant returns and customers have to follow a long process of requesting for a return through emails with the transaction ID and every other minute detail.
  6. Lack of Support- Due to plenty of E-commerce players in the market, the quality of customer support and assistance is very low.

    1. Hyperlocal delivery has proved to be a boon in solving these issues.There has been a revolution in On Demand Delivery at an advanced rate. The quality of products is now guaranteed since the products are picked from the store of the customer’s choice. There is no tampering of the product and the best quality is being given to the customers. On-demand hyperlocal delivery helps to deliver from the stores which are nearby. This helps in accomplishing the delivery within a shorter span of time. M-commerce is helping the Hyper-local delivery by establishing a platform where every customer can see everything related to the products that they want to purchase.

      MAPPRR- India’s Only Product Discovery and Local Discovery App addresses these problems and is trying to revamp the shopping experiences of the customers. It caters to the Hyper local delivery of essentials like Medicines, Groceries, Health Supplements, Pet Supplies, Beauty Products etc.

      It delivers in a Flash within 60 minutes. MAPPRR integrates with medium and large retail outlets and sells everything at the MRP.It also provides various discounts and offers as per the store. The Live tracking helps the user to track the order at every step.

      MAPPRR is making the lives of people convenient and happier.It reduces the stress levels and the need to go out in the pollution and heat to spend time roaming at the stores to pick up a particular product. It also offers amazing on spot return policy.

      MAPPRR is the pioneer in revolutionising the Retail shopping experience. The Offline to Online shopping is a dream come true for this Generation and generations to come.

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