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Saturday, 12 January, 2019

Thanks to technology, we get everything delivered at our door in just a day or two no matter what could be the complexity of the product. What do you usually buy online?

Kitchen and Dining. Anything else?

Well you could pretty much find everything that you need, there’s nothing that you could say no, ‘I didn’t find this’ unless it is hard or almost impossible to deliver. Retail stores have tied up with major e-commerce players in order to reach larger audience. But the real question is ‘from thousands of online shopping sites available which one would you choose to be the most advantageous, trustworthy or efficient?’

It’s little hard to derive to a conclusion! But certainly Brands do influence audience with different target techniques. But, generally, it depends on various factors such as:
1. How quick is the product necessary?
2. What offers they are providing?
3. Are their policies consumer friendly?
4. Is the organization customer centric?

Consumers choice largely gets juggled between Loyalty v/s offers, in the recent times Hyperlocal Market is buzzing around the Tech industry. One such startup is Mapprr, India’s Only Product Discovery & Local Delivery App.

Mapprr is an online shopping app, to buy products from brick and mortar stores. It is the first Hyperlocal company in India and is popularly known as the Product Discovery and Local Delivery app.

With the ever demand and curiosity amongst the user base companies keep churning out different Apps facilitating the right User Experience and expectations. App Developers and UI/UX Specialists say ‘Understanding and providing the right amount of tech piece is hard these days we see a lot of comparative suggestions coming from the Audience. They get to check out a lot of applications and set their standards very high which is also enabling us to push that extra mile to satisfy users.’

Mapprr developers says they've built a great piece of tech that’ll be loved by users. The problem statement they solved is very familiar that it’s there in every home. Let’s look into few interesting questions we’ve come across:

Have you ever received an online delivery at the same time as you shop conventionally?
With Mapprr you can experience it. The user needn’t wait for days looking at the door. Mapprr delivers in mere 60 minutes from the time, a delivery agent is assigned to your order.

What if you can return a damaged product immediately? Similar to leaving back unsatisfied products in a physical store?
A convenient return policy is what grabs most of the customers' trust. Your mind might be filled with tons of questions while shopping online.
Will I get the product which I exactly need?
What if I receive a wrong or damaged item?
Should I send it back by myself?
How many days should I wait to return or exchange it?
What do I do if lose my money?
Put a full stop to all such thoughts.
Mapprr always makes sure to deliver products of your choice from the store you trust. Mapprr has transparent policies clearly explained, and it allows you to return any unsatisfied product at the time of delivery. YAY!!

What are the other metrics you feel are very important for Loyal Customers?
Well, recently we started collecting feedback from users, there was this customer named ‘Raghu Gopal’ who never shopped online. He stated, "I prefer conventional shopping, though I need to go all the way to the store because I get my product immediately after I pay, which is something that I love.”

How would you feel if Mapprr helps you earn money?
Yes, you heard it right. Though Mapprr is a shopping app where you need to pay to buy products, there are also ways to get money through Mapprr. You are awarded Mapprr Credits every time you make a purchase on Mapprr and invite others to install Mapprr using your referral code.
Also, Mapprr helps you save more through its all-time discounts.

So, yeah! Go with the Best, Explore the Rest!

Download Mapprr App now.

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