Keep Your House Smelling Fresh With Fresheners

Saturday, 6 January, 2018

A nice smelling home is all the aromatherapy you need to stay relaxed. Read on to find out more. 

All of us want to come home from work and sit back and relax in a house that smells fresh and pleasant. This, however, is neglected in most homes and stenches of cooking and mold/dust, among others. Our olfactory senses are directly linked to stress releasing hormones in the brain. Aromatherapy is a science which exploits this connection and involves the use of pleasant smelling substances to decrease stress levels and aid in the release of stress-busting endorphins. However, the presence of foul smells in the house has the ability to induce exactly the opposite effects in our minds. Foul smelling homes the ability to induce stress and displeasure in our minds, not to mention the degradation in the overall aesthetic of the home. Mapprr highly recommends investing a few bucks in a good quality room freshener. Here are some the products in our database you can find at your nearest convenience store. 

Aerosol Based Room Fresheners
These are great to use once on a day to remove any malodorous stench present in the home or are effective when guests arrive unannounced. Having excellent coverage, a single spray is effective to freshen up an entire room, if the right product is used. However, Mapprr recommends that they be used judiciously and continuous use is avoided. 

Room Freshening Gels or Blocks
These products are perfect for 24x7 room freshening purposes and are quite easy to use as well. Just cut open a packet and hang it in an elevated place for all round protection of your house. 

DIY Potpourri
If you want to have a more subtle, natural fragrance, simply dehydrate some orange peels with spices of your choice and leave them in your rooms. The gentle and fruity aroma is sure to hit all the right notes and leave you relaxed and tension free. You can find freshly imported oranges and other spices and herbs without any hassles, by using Mapprr, your go-to platform for when you feel lazy.    

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