Grocery Shopping is Complicated, but we make it Simple!

Groceries shopping
Wednesday, 5 December, 2018

Though grocery shopping is a monthly or weekly routine in every household, it is important to plan it properly to keep a track on the budget and not to miss anything you need.

Many of us think grocery shopping is not that tough and neglect prior planning. Yes, it happens but we end up buying additional items! More than what we need and spend more than what is planned for. There are also other factors which may make shopping groceries stressful.

  • Have you ever missed one or two items you need and realized it when you reach home? This might have happened with most of us at least once
  • The one accompanying you may distract you from sticking to the list, allowing you to purchase unplanned and unnecessary goods
  • No proper planning and track on the quantity might incur additional costs.

Give it a thought about buying groceries at local supermarkets!

The biggest problem these days in cities like Hyderabad is the stagnant traffic and pollution. Also, majority of us prefer weekends to buy groceries due to our weekday schedules leading to crowded supermarkets and long queues at bill counters. And for a person new to the city, in the course of finding stores to get the essentials, one loses both time and energy.

Online grocery stores; a one-stop for all your requirements helps you overcome the above-discussed difficulties with typing in the 3 words "Groceries near me".

Mapprr is one such application that makes your shopping simple and easy. Trust me, you are going to love this!

You can locate and buy groceries near you with ease. It helps you with 'Product Discovery' and 'Local Delivery' and relieves you from roaming around several supermarkets in search of things.

Four steps simple Mantra!

  • Download Mapprr
  • Search for the products on Mapprr App
  • Find the products you need and simply add to cart
  • Check out safely and place your order

You can get all the groceries delivered straight to home, Mapprr Hyderabad introduces online grocery shopping with quick delivery in just 60 minutes. Mapprr supports multiple payment options and unlike many other online grocery stores, Mapprr also accepts payment on delivery. We have a user-friendly return policy where you can return the orders at your doorstep and get your money refunded in just a few hours if they are defective/ damaged.

Quick facts:
  • No minimum order
  • Free delivery on orders above INR 200
  • Exclusive offers & discounts every day
  • Returns processed in hours
  • Dedicated customer support

Use code MAPPRR20 to get 20% discount on groceries. Download the App now from the Google Play store & Apple App store.

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