Electronic devices- 90's V/s Now!

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Wednesday, 9 January, 2019

How silly would it be if I ask ‘Do you have a mobile phone?’ Electronic gadgets are occupying a good amount of time in our day to day life. With the advancement of technology, we see people carrying at least two on their body be it watch, earpods, phones, etc.

Let’s board the plane of Nostalgia exploring the significance of electronics.

Phone is the first ever electronic piece that garnered attention like no other one. At that time we have wired telephone boxes for communications. I still remember in 1990s when there was only one telephone for whole village. Around 2005, Mobile phones started appearing, that too just one per house which is unusual now.

These days each of us have a smartphone if I’m not wrong, the number of phones are higher than the members in the family. Mobile phones these days have become multipurpose not just aiding us to make calls but also are helpful in doing many other things.
You can shop,
pay your bills,
watch videos,
play games,
take pictures and what not! They are simplifying lives.

Music! The one we cannot live without. In my childhood when my mom bought us a tape recorder, I was so excited to see it unpack from a big box and very happy to have such a huge set of speakers grabbing every possible attention from the neighbours.

Whereas now, Bluetooth speakers are ruling the music systems as they come with standout features like water resistance and visual effects. Another advantage is that they being wireless gadgets, can be taken anywhere to listen to the favourite playlists be it Drake or Kishore da, they are peace essentials.

Televisions which are now called smart TVs were then the major mode of communication and entertainment. They are antenna based and presented various channels only when a dish cable is connected to it and held at certain angle.

Latest technologies made televisions work with internet. They are now equipped with an LED, QHD, AMOLED, etc. screen, internal memory, touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. You can even browse through applications like Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix and chill. Therefore, with a smart TV, you can do almost everything that you do with a smartphone.

Nostalgia hitting hard eh? Well, life is always incomplete without the strong memories we hold, that helps us stay grounded. Did we remember you something? Post it below & share your experience that made your childhood!

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