Dslr Vs Gopro

Saturday, 6 January, 2018

Read on to find out more about the kind of device you should be using for your videography needs. 

In the 21st Century, several alternative career options are viable for the youth. A key factor augmenting this viability is the introduction of affordable technology to help in filmography or photography. Gone are the days of spending millions of rupees to procure bulky camera equipment for your needs. Portable devices such as Digital Signal Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras and GoPro are driven by powerful processors that produce high-quality photographs and videos without compromising on form or portability. Mapprr Hyderabad presents a look at the key features of DSLRs and GoPro and which should you buy.

Polaroid Stalwart: The DSLR 
The DSLR is a device which helps capture high definition photographs and is the undisputed choice when it comes to photography. The ability to equip itself with multiple types of lenses makes it a highly versatile tool for photography, enabling it to capture infinitesimally small images with clarity (Macro photography), to capture the photographs of extremely far off objects. Equipping a tripod to a DSLR also makes it perfect for shooting videos and filmography in high definition. Even though DSLR shines in functionality, it fails to be ergonomic in videography applications. Bulky equipment like tripod make a DSLR difficult to carry around and it fails in the department of battery life and resistance to natural elements like water. 

GoPro: The Camera of Today
GoPro is a type of camera that was made in mind to accommodate the needs of today’s spunky, trendy and adventurous youth. Having an extremely portable build and tremendous form factor, a GoPro can be as small as a bar of soap and the peripherals like a tripod are extremely compact for a GoPro, making a perfect device for you if you live your life on the edge. Multiple modes and filters and ease of use make it excellent for amateurs and semi-pro videographers and travel vloggers. It can also be attached to bike helmets and drones, making it the type of device having a wide field of view. GoPro also gets some brownie points for having an insanely high battery life and is highly resistant to water and other extreme natural conditions. But the lack of lens modifications and relatively inferior processors make it unsuitable for professional photography. It is also not recommended to use GoPro for filmography. 

Final Verdict
Both DSLR and GoPro find applications in various fields of photography and videography. The augmentation and modification ability of DSLR make it an excellent tool for photography and professional filmography, whereas a GoPro is your go-to device if you wish to engage in adventure vlogging or travel vlogging in general. The choice of device is yours, but to provide you the convenience of finding a store nearest to you selling the product is Mapprr’s. Download the app now and live life hassle-free.   

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