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Thursday, 13 December, 2018

Haemoglobin deficiency cases are in high rise and doctors are pretty serious about it. It is not a chronic issue but having a long history of deficiency might impact the quality of life. The common symptoms include dizziness, cold hands & feet, headaches and fatigue.

Do you know how important haemoglobin is for our body?

It is responsible for proper oxygen supply to all parts of the body from lungs. Now you know, it is quite essential for us to intake enough amount of Iron rich food to keep the body running.

Below are some good sources of iron.

Do you remember The Popeye show? To protect his lady Olive, Popeye eats a can of spinach and instantly builds muscles. In real life, though the instant reaction or benefits doesn’t happen, spinach is one leafy vegetable with the highest iron content.

How do you like eating beetroot?


Well, the dark pink vegetables proved to be the best for higher haemoglobin levels, especially when has as an early morning juice.

Never heard of potatoes having iron? But yes, potatoes are also rich in iron, particularly their skin. So if you want to improve your haemoglobin, use unpeeled potatoes for cooking.

What do you think beans and peas are rich in? Beans are rich in minerals, helps with the iron content required for our body. Soya beans in specific, is a very good source of iron and in peas, green gram and chickpeas would be a good choice for iron.

You haven’t seen the best yet! One pomegranate every day will ensure you get going with the right percentage of haemoglobin required. There are other fruits like apples, strawberries, and watermelon which are also high in iron but pomegranates are preferred for faster benefits.

Dried fruits and nuts are always on top of healthy food. Aren't they? Do you know the ones with high iron content? 'dates' and 'apricots' help our body absorb iron. Among nuts, cashews do this amazing job!

Now that you know the importance of iron and its sources, maintain a diet with good iron content and promote a healthy life.

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