Basic Travelling Essentials you’d Want!

Friday, 18 January, 2019

How often do you travel?
What do you think are important to carry while travelling besides clothing and transport documents?
You generally start planning a journey by booking the transport and stay. Right? Packing Luggage and other essentials is also quite important for hassle-free journey. What essentials are to be carried depends on the number of days of your travel. Also, they generally varies based on the kind of vacation one is having, trekking requires a different set of equipment and skiing requires another, but what stands as basic?

Check out the list of basic stuff to be carried while you travel:

Primary Medical Requirements:
Wherever you go, carrying a basic medical kit! It can always be helpful. Because a change in food or sudden exposure to environmental change may cause sickness. Also, there is no guarantee that you can find a pharmacy in the middle of your journey. Therefore, make sure you pack those in the below list primarily.

1. Basic medicines for fever, cold, diarrhoea and vomitings
2. Painkillers
3. Cough suppressants
4. Cotton
5. Gauze pads
6. Band-aids
7. Crepe rolled bandages

You may find these optional to pack and many think they could buy them when needed to avoid excess baggage but how much difference does adding a soap make?
But what if there are no shops around you?
What if it is an odd time and there are no shops open?
Carry the below basics and make your journey comfortable.

1. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash
2. Travel soap
3. Face Wash
4. Wet wipes
5. Sunscreen/ Face lotion
6. Moisturisers
7. Hairbrush, hair ties, hair clips
8. Sanitizers
9. Personal care

1. Travel pillow and blanket
2. Mobile chargers
3. Luggage lock
4. Torch
5. Batteries
6. Deodorants
7. Perfumes

Hope all the required travel necessities are covered. Add more to the list by commenting below your favourite and something you cannot miss.

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