Alphabet “Z”-No More an End But A New Beginning

4th march
Monday, 4 March, 2019

Last Friday, I went to my cousin’s house to spend a lazy weekend. After a week’s hectic work, I was amused to meet my nephew who is no more the little kid I imagined. He welcomed me with his eyes glued to the mobile screen shouting “Maamu, If you are a winner, you would get a chicken dinner. I was confused upon hearing that, I didn't really understand the context and stood clueless. Later I was told by my cousin about the new fad that is actually transforming the way kids are growing up. We joked about how the basic necessities today are Roti, Kapda, Makan and Internet. We also talked about the super sassy and techno-savvy Gen Z.

I always thought Z is an alphabet but never expected it to be a Noun used to describe the lifestyle of people. The disruptive technology is just reforming the way people think, feel and act about everything around them be it video games, ordering food, conveyance and as a matter of fact, even finding soulmate. Gen Z has the power to influence the buying decisions made by their families. Gobbling up information is in their blood and social media is always ingrained in their minds.

Couple of years back, I remember waiting in long queues in the weekends buying things from the local stores. Even if there was a World Cup Match and even if India was on the verge of winning, Mom’s order to get the groceries home could not be overlooked at any cost. My mother’s angry face is still on my mind while I recollect the instance when I picked up parsley instead of coriander. But today life has become so simpler that you can just exchange the wrong product for the right one within no time, without even having to step out of the house.

Back in time, I remember when I used to go to the grocery stores with my mother and she used to ask me to put the essentials in the cart. Today I see my nephew adding things in the cart sitting at home. Wow!! Who imagined that 10 years after, technology would make lives so simple. I could never think that groceries could reach your home without you even having to get up from your couch. It's a brilliant idea to revolutionise the shopping experience. Isn't it?

The future is all about the Gen Z who does things at the click of a button with the ever evolving smartphones. The changing trend clearly says that “Lazy” is the new Cool. Why stay like a fool when you can just roll your finger on your smartphone and look cool. So to make lives lazier and create magic everyday, there has to be a Superhero who can take all the pain and give blissful pleasure.

Keeping in pace with the disrupting technology and taking a leap into the futuristic shopping needs, MAPPRR has changed the notion of conventional shopping. The six prominent traits of the Gen Z are Multi-tasker, Agile, Pragmatic, Prompt, Rational, Rapid and that's where MAPPRR drives its inspiration from. Giving you the tinge of Mother’s love and compassionate loyalty like your Best friend, MAPPRR delivers comfort and convenience with a wide range of groceries, medicines, and many other categories at your disposal.

Your date might be late but MAPPRR is faster than you think and delivers in a lightning speed just like a FLASH. Curious to meet your new SuperHero? Well it’s just a click of a button away. Download the App and get Happier and Lazier on your couch. MAPPRR offers Amazing discounts all the time, on all categories which helps you save pockets!

Happy Shopping!!

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