6- Dimension of Wellness-Sutra this Summer

Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

Tired of the scorching heat and the thought of stepping out in the sun itself is already making you sweat?With the changing weather conditions taking its toll on the habitation, the amount of heat and humidity during Summers is constantly rising exponentially every year. This is the most crucial time of the year when it is important for everyone to take special care of their mind and body to stay hale and hearty.

Experts suggest that humans should not just focus on looking aesthetically beautiful and radiant, rather concentrate on the 5 elements of overall wellness which makes individuals physically fit and emotionally strong. For all the “glow-getters” it is very important to understand that external beauty is short-lived.

The 6 Dimensions of Wellness are: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational and spiritual. The key to master all these areas is self awareness and personal care. Humans don’t belong to the “One-size fits all” category and neither is Wellness. So it is important to tailor-make the Wellness-Routine depending on an individual’s fitness goals and the lifestyle that he/she follows.

  1. Physical Wellness: The first in the list is to be physically fit because this is interlinked to every other dimension. Physical wellness not just focuses on having a toned body. It also encompasses several other things like stable energy, good digestion, mental clarity, confidence in one’s own skin and positively which brims around every person.The core of physical wellness is telling yourself to “Eat for living” and not “Live to Eat”.
  2. Emotional Wellness: Maintaining an emotional balance in today’s stressful lifestyle is a very hard nut to crack. Emotional wellness is impacted by other dimensions directly. If the other mentioned dimensions are fed upon well, an individual is likely to experience a feeling of positivity and inner peace.
  3. Social Wellness: Social Wellness is mistaken today as the number of friends that one has on the social media accounts and the number of likes that his/her pictures and posts receive. However the definition of social wellness is way beyond all these. Instead of virtual friends, it's important to seek the type who can push further, keeping individuals accountable and radiating strength when the hustle of life keeps hovering over the head. It's important to live in the moment rather than trying to capture them in a frame all the time.
  4. Intellectual Wellness: One need not be a bookworm to be intellectually sound. An individual needs to have a constant curiosity and desire to learn, followed by the ability to share experiences, insight and knowledge with others. To achieve intellectual wellness, one should never stop being a learner. It's important to be surrounded with good books, mentors and various other sources of enlightenment.
  5. Occupational Wellness: Occupational wellness actually means loving what one does, and becoming a more dynamic individual because of it—creating value, legacy and purpose for others to follow and step into. It gives a feeling of self contentment and complacency. If one pursues and does what he/she loves, there won’t be a single day when one has to actually put efforts to work. The work should align with a meaning, belief and purpose to achieve an agenda or a goal.
  6. Spirituality: Spirituality is spearheading the wellness charge. Our minds are too beautiful, our hearts too vast, complex and filled with love and the world around us a creation too glorious for there not to be a loving God who walks with us through every season. However, everyone may not be of the same opinion about the existence of God. Spirituality is a very subjective essence but experts say it still constitutes the most important dimension of wellness.
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Wellness is an ongoing journey and never a destination. Take care of your body and mind for a longer and healthier life full of joy.

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